We carry only high quality plywood that comes from select, trusted mill sources. Our plywoods come in a wide range of size, glue, core, and thickness options, to meet your customers’ every need.


How do you take our classic PREMCORE® and make it better? You change it to its core. Introducing our new PREMCORE® Plus from Canusa, featuring the same great PREMCORE® Birch and Maple veneers, but the Plus is a stronger, better quality core and new lighter weight. After several generations of refinement, we are now in full production at our exclusive mill to deliver superior PREMCORE® quality at a highly competitive price.






This premium plywood is crafted with the highest-grade core materials sourced from our exclusive international mills. Canusa’s experienced graders oversee the quality panel production that the PREMCORE® brand has become famous for. With over eight years of careful and continuous refinement, our quality proves time and again that PREMCORE® is tough to beat for performance and value. Once our customers give PREMCORE® a try, it’s hard to go back to what they used before.  

KINGCORE™ represents a true alternative to domestic birch and maple plywood with an unexpected new standard of quality and performance. We start with 0.5 mm thick birch and maple face and backs then deliver tight thickness tolerances surpassing most industry standards. A premium soy glue with a termiticide option add to the quality. And KINGCORE™ brings it home with a fully calibrated 2 Step combination veneer core.

Maple Raw

Maple Raw

Canusa hardwood plywood

Hardwood Plywood

We source quality hardwood plywood from around the world with materials and grades to meet a wide range of application requirements

Great for: Laminating, cabinet construction, millwork and fixtures.


  • Veneer or lumber core

  • Thicknesses from 2.7mm to 25mm

  • Glue - MR, WBP, E1, CARB certified

  • Size - 4’x8’, oversize, jumbo or door skin dimensions

  • Species: Meranti, Birch, Poplar, Okoume

Fancy Plywood

Character hardwood veneers to meet any style, high quality construction

Great for: Cabinets, millwork and panelling.  Recreational vehicles.

  • Core options include veneer, MDF and composite cores

  • Thicknesses from 3mm to 18mm

  • Glue options - E1 CARB certified, NAF/NAUF

  • Size - 4’x8’, oversize, jumbo or door skin dimensions

  • Species: Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, Sapele, Teak, Alder, Walnut and others

Canusa fancy plywood

Canusa Birch plywood

Baltic Birch

We source Baltic Birch plywood from several mills in Russia.  Of course, we are partnered with the largest Birch Plywood producer in the world, Sveza Group. Operating in Russia since 1997, Sveza has upgraded and expanded production facilities that today produce 1.3 million cubic meters of high-quality wood products annually. For more information visit SVEZA products. 

Great for: Cabinet drawersides and general applications

  • Available in many grades

  • Available as FSC certified

  • 5x5 and 4x8 interior, exterior and UV coated panels

  • Thicknesses from 3mm to 25mm

  • Glue - WBP and CARB certified

  • Species: Birch, available in a variety of grades

Pre-Finished Plywood

UV coated plywood for various applicaitons

Great for: Cabinet and millwork

  • Birch panels in stock; other species available to order

  • Various sheens available

  • 1 or 2 side finished

  • Thicknesses from 3mm to 25mm

  • Glue - E2 and CARB certified

  • Size - 4’x8’ and oversize

  • Species: Birch (available in stock); maple and others on request

Canusa pre finished plywood

Canusa light weight plywood

Lightweight Plywood

Lightweight plywood for the transportation industry, fixtures or displays where minimizing weight is crucial.

Great for: Mobile homes, trailers, store fixtures and displays

  • Lightweight veneer and core options available

  • Thicknesses from 5.2mm to 25mm

  • Glue options - WBP and CARB certified

  • Size - 4’x8’

  • Species: Ultralight Sandeply and Meranti panels; falcatta veneer core and lumber core options

Marine Plywood

Paneling for waterproof applications

Great for: Boats and kayaks; all waterproof applications

  • Manufactured to BS1088 and BS6566 standards

  • Thicknesses from 1.5mm to 40mm

  • Glue options - WBP and CARB certified

  • 4’x8’ size

  • Species: Meranti, Keruing, Okoume, Sande

Canusa marine plywood

Canusa bending plywood

Bending Plywood

Short and long grain panels for curved millwork applications

  • Thicknesses from 3mm to 15mm

  • Glue options - MR, E2 and CARB certified

  • Sizes - 4’x8’ long grain; 8’x4’ short grain

  • Species: Amesclao, Falcata, Parica