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About Us

Canusa provides wholesale distributors across North America with a wide range of quality wood products and knowledgeable service.


Our Story

Our quest for quality has deep roots going back over 40 years. Today, Canusa has grown into one of North America’s major importers of hardwood plywood, MDF and specialty panels that are used for interior, exterior, marine and industrial applications. Our current global supply base consists of partnerships with over 50 mills and leading manufacturers in Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Russia, South America, Europe, Canada and China

We strive to make our customers’ lives easier - be it with customized programs; smaller mixed or lots; and short delivery times. For us customer service means fast responses and updates; flexible ordering options; well stocked inventory at ten warehouse locations across North America; and a full service cross border logistics and delivery team.

Our team

Our team is based in Vancouver, Canada and literally spans the world. With grading teams in China, ten warehouses in North America and deep relationships with partners in Russia, Asia, New Zealand and South America.

Our team members average over 10 years in the business. No matter where they are or what role they are in, each Canusa team member has much in common. Knowledge. Experience. Enthusiasm. And the desire and ability to provide modern high quality products coupled with great customer service.

Meet the team

Sustainability & Sourcing

We actively contribute to sustainable forestry practices by purchasing from reputable suppliers who utilize environmentally acceptable logging practices and meet recognized forest management standards. Virtually all of our suppliers use plantation sourced logs, or logs from selectively logged native forests. We endeavor to ensure that all of our products originate from legal, sustainable and well-managed forests. Environmental and local community issues are important to us and we’ll continue to work with like minded overseas partners. 


Contact us for more information on FSC® certified products that we carry.